MONARO vs XR6-T holden vs ford cv8 vs BF turbo gto vxr falcon


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XR6 Turbo's, FPV F6 & WRX
Out cruising

CarTorque Series 2 - Holden Monaro - coupe concept to production road car.
It started life as a coupe concept but when it was launched at the 1998 Sydney Motor Show it was quickly dubbed the new 'Monaro'. Michael Simcoe, the Vice President of Design at General Motors was the man behind the concept that eventually turned into the production version of the modern Monaro. He tells us the story which also included the development of a super rare 427 HRT race ready version.

UNS781 BF F6 Typhoon downshift C&C 19-1-2014 queensland raceway
Having some fun in my F6 at coffee & circuit making 585rwhp on E85 and 19psi. enjoy the chopping

"Defected" by Cops for Cardboard Bodykit! (VS Commodore)
Decided to make a cardboard bodykit for my VS commodore. Literally turned left and made it a few hundred metres down the Parade in Norwood before being pulled over by the cops and told to "take it off or else". SA nanny state? Indeed :P