Stock 07 Saturn Ion Redline acceleration

Stock 07 ion redline acceleration... Not the fastest car by any means, but not bad for stock and having 2 adults in the car! Class C test and tune night. 2nd through 4th gear on the track. 30mph-124mph.

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Stock Ion Redline to Stage 3 Ion Redline
I did a little side by side comparison of a video from my stock ion redline 20-60 acceleration time. Then I got stage 3... Had a really shitty tune and now I got her tuned by Ryan at Flatline Performance! Pulls harder than ever bro thanks!

ion red line vs Ls1

540hp Saturn Ion Redline at WannaGoFast May 2016
Justin Reed's 540hp turbo Saturn Ion Redline racing supercars at the May 2016 WannaGoFast half mile event in Clayton GA.

04 ION Redline 0-60+
Here's an acceleration video of my new car... I hit the limiter in first gear(just got tuned and not used to the power yet)... Mods are as follows: 2.8"pulley 80# mototron injectors... Dual pass and option B tank... One step colder plugs(NGK 4644) ZZP 3" CAI BadMab header, 3" ZZP catted downpipe, 2.5" MagnaFlow Exhaust It currently has 235/45 tires(speedo not re-calibrated),