Jeep SRT8 Turbo 10.51@129

Here's my new PB. This was done ON STREET TIRES! Done on Nitto NT05's. 11psi of Boost on stock bottom end and heads. Has cam, headers, Stage 6 Motorsports Single 76mm turbo kit, Paramount Tranny and TCase, ran on VP Q16 race fuel.

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VMP Movie

Inside an 8 second Jeep SRT8 Turbo
Some GoPro footage inside my Jeep. First pass the throttle hung open for the first time ever. That was interesting. Made the mistake of throwing it in N. Lol..... bad decision.

8 Second Jeep Turbo at Beech Bend
This was from 4-8/4-9-16 at the Team Tommy Modern Street Hemi Shootout and Challenger Fest 7. Track didn't want to really hold it turned up so were were having to launch soft at first. We tried turning it up but kept blowing the tires off. Enjoy!!

Test Launch on Turbo Jeep
Fixed a few suspension issues and boom.... straight as a string again