Back Drag Snow Plow Blade Demonstration

Demonstration of how to use a newly invented snow plow blade attachment for back dragging snow - to get neat and easy edges and to clean the snow all the way to the pavement.

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How to plow a driveway Find us on Facebook! Here's a quick how-to video for plowing. The driveway is a simple single-car driveway, with an apron at the end. Just drop the blade at the garage door, drag the snow backwards, and pull it until you can stack it at the end of the driveway. Each driveway is different, but once you get the basics down, it gets to be second nature!

Fisher snow plow Back drag Plate
Did this video for Budman7 I thought it would be easier to show rather than write the explanation. Next time I will do it with-out the kids Yes I do agree that the angle is not the best. I have been talking to the dealer about designing a back drag with a better attack angle.

Snow Plow Back Drag "The Plow Guys"
F250 Super Duty Snow Plow. Just checking out an idea someone came up with to help with the back drag on my Fisher. tried it but it didn't work out well.

Sno Kontrol Expanding Rear Snow Plow
Sno Kontrol announces the latest in rear plow technology. The new 16 foot rear plow will increase the speed and efficiency of your truck. Imagine being able to clear a 16 foot path in a single swipe.