Back Drag Snow Plow Blade Demonstration

Demonstration of how to use a newly invented snow plow blade attachment for back dragging snow - to get neat and easy edges and to clean the snow all the way to the pavement.

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Snow Plow Back Drag "The Plow Guys"
F250 Super Duty Snow Plow. Just checking out an idea someone came up with to help with the back drag on my Fisher. tried it but it didn't work out well.

Pull Plow
Two Plows are better than one! The Daniels Pull Plow doesn't replace your front-mounted plow - it complements it by cleanly removing snow and ice from those hard-to-plow areas that your front mounted plow simply isn't designed to efficiently handle. Thanks to 2,000 lbs. of downward hydraulic pressure, residential driveways, loading dock areas and circle drives are cleared in record time - right down to the pavement! Since your snow removal actions are alwasys done while moving forward, it's much safter than backdragging snow into a croweded, busy street!

Snow Plowing Ride Along with My Most Hated Driveway I Plow
I little different video today. Ride along with me as I share my thoughts on the driveway that I hate the most plowing. It probably wouldn't be so bad but my truck is so big.

learning how to plow snow
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