1987 5.0 Trans Am

A very nice...1987 5.0 H.O...T-top...Trans Am...very cool..ck it out!!!

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1987 GTA Trans Am
The GTA Trans Am was always one of my favorite Trans Am...I shot a very nice 1987 at The Grand Rod Run 2012...check it out!!

1987 Pontiac Trans Am (One Bad Bird)
My bro having some fun with his car.

1823 1987 Trans Am Final

Part 3: Pontiac GTO History - 1970-1972
This is Part 3 of our Pontiac GTO History series. For 1970-1972 the GTO continued to carry the torch as Pontiac's flagship muscle car. It would be the GTO's last hurrah since the GTO's performance for 1973 and 1974 would seriously slide and the Trans Am would take over as Pontiac's top muscle car. The 1970-1972 Pontiac GTO had the looks and the performance that legends are made of. Pontiac GTO History Video Series: Part 1 - 1964-1967: https://youtu.be/_dgAsjeGhYQ Part 2 - 1968-1969: https://youtu.be/ImLT8-WeKAc Part 3 - 1970-1972: https://youtu.be/k7xVfljuU50 Part 4 - 1973-1974: coming soon Part 5 - 2004-2006: coming soon