Evans Tuning Race Car - 950whp / 620tq - Dyno Video

This car was totaled at the track. Watch the video of it hitting the wall here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWzgpnlDkKQ Complete parts list and story on the car found @ http://www.evans-tuning.com/racecar.html It was back in 2007 when Evans Tuning was last seen running a race car at the track. Since then, we have made some trips when possible to give our support to customers and fellow racers. While we did retire our SFWD Honda CRX in 2007, the passion to continue to race was still there. We decided in 2008 to start planning another competitive build. As we compiled a large list of parts we would be using for the build, we were missing the most important part...the car. We were fortunate enough to have a customer that owned an 1995 Acura Integra RS shell that needed a lot of TLC. The physical state of the chassis made it the perfect platform for a race car... read more @ http://www.evans-tuning.com/racecar.html

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Evans Tuning at Englishtown Fall Nationals 2013
Learn more about the race car: http://www.evans-tuning.com/racing/true-street-civic/ Evans Tuning at Englishtown Raceway Park for Fall Nationals 2013 competing in the Sport Front Wheel Drive (SFWD) class. Production by Steve Seguis - http://vimeo.com/steguis

Evans Tuning Race Car crashes after 8.98 @ 167MPH on 67mm Borg Warner turbo
More details on the car can be found here: http://www.evans-tuning.com/racecar.html Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/evanstuningdotcom This was the 3rd full power pass in the car and it ran 8.98 @ 167MPH. The driver (Jeffrey Evans) reached to pull the parachute release and was not "celebrating" as some have posted. He and MacBook Pro made it out unharmed. This car set the record for the True Street Class and was the first in the 8's. The specs: - 2550lbs - 67mm Borg Warner turbo @ 35psi - 24.5 x 9" tires

Evans Tuning J-Series Integra Tuning Session
Here is the video timeline guide of our live Periscope stream of the J-Series tuning session: 0:30 - Andrea discusses the Dyno session and how the session is going to unfold. 2:15 - Jeff discusses the V-6 J-Series and what it is/what it is used for, as well as, the other parts of the engine. 6:21 - Jeff and Andrea talk about the reliability of the car as a race car. 8:50 - Discussing what they learned from last year’s World Cup/Honda Day, and how they changed the car, and what they found out when they put the car on the Dyno. 12:10 - Jeff discusses the change to C45 racing fuel and the testing that they did to change from C85 to C45, and how the consistency of the car has changed and become more steady. 14:10 - Start to turn fans on and get ready to go. Andrea discusses that this will be on Youtube after the live session. 16:06 - Andrea starts showing the Dyno graphs. 16:21 - Andrea shows the car being run. 17:19 - Andrea goes back to showing the Dyno graphs. 17:41 - Andrea goes back to showcasing the car. 20:52 - Andrea asks Jeff questions. 31:45 - What they are doing with the car next, what they plan to do. Bigger engine. Different cams. Being able to make 500 with a new engine. 32:35 - Issues with the rules for the season changing. Now there is a displacement limit of 3.7. The issue with K-series over J-series. Want a revision of the rules. 38:10 - Talking about getting into new applications; S2000 packages if they become popular and being ahead of the game. The frustration of not being able to progress to something new and different in a race. Progressing the sport with new research and development. 41:28 - In-closing. Talking about video series, etc. Perspective on the industry videos. Geoff from Full Race for EcoBoost tuning. Advertising for UpRev and EcoBoost. Build Page: http://www.evans-tuning.com/racing/j-series-integra

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Jeff Evans of Evans Tuning tells you about how he became interested in cars, how that turned into what Evans Tuning is today, and his philosophy on tuning.