Evans Tuning Race Car - 950whp / 620tq - Dyno Video

This car was totaled at the track. Watch the video of it hitting the wall here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWzgpnlDkKQ Complete parts list and story on the car found @ http://www.evans-tuning.com/racecar.html It was back in 2007 when Evans Tuning was last seen running a race car at the track. Since then, we have made some trips when possible to give our support to customers and fellow racers. While we did retire our SFWD Honda CRX in 2007, the passion to continue to race was still there. We decided in 2008 to start planning another competitive build. As we compiled a large list of parts we would be using for the build, we were missing the most important part...the car. We were fortunate enough to have a customer that owned an 1995 Acura Integra RS shell that needed a lot of TLC. The physical state of the chassis made it the perfect platform for a race car... read more @ http://www.evans-tuning.com/racecar.html

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Evans-tuning 1000whp turbo s2000
Full-race twinscroll with a BW s400 motor is Allenbuilt stroked to a 2.4L BC cams old school one off Full-Race intake manifold all fab work done by Evans-tuning.com

2014 Evans Tuning Car Meet
Check out the video coverage of the 7th annual Evans Tuning Car Meet!

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Anton R32 GTR Skyline VS Ferrari , Single Turbo, Borg Warner, BW, S400SX, S372 ETT 1.10ar, 16PSI
Second race with this guy in a row; the guy in Ferrari didn't want to go from the hole, but was willing to go from the roll! He suppose to level with us and honk, but i only heard the 3rd honk and his full throttle. Amazingly enough his Exhaust sound clearly match my wastegates so it is hard to pick it up....