130hp lawnmower burnout

just one of many burnouts at hollywoods party

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Racing lawnmower burnout gone bad
When Justin and Jamie have free time at the shop (Hwy 143 Small Motors) this is what happens. They end up having to fix the door because the racing lawnmower goes straight through it.

A very fast mower
My newest creation, still in the works

Best Lawn Mower Fail Compilation (Funny)
Best Lawn Mower Fail Compilation (Funny) Please subscribe and check out others videos! https://www.youtube.com/user/funnyvideosandromeda

lawn mower wheelies , burnouts , crashs !
haa well my lawn mower did like 50 km/h but 2, 3 gear stopped working so only 1st would work so i just started doing wheelies with it