11psi 4 dr. GSR vs. 8psi RSX type S w/ a TSX motor

~45mph roll

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Integra gsr vs tsx
Mods on Gsr AEM cold air and skunk 2 mega power Exhaust. Tsx stock

Tsx vs Rsx-s
Tsx - Automatic w/bolt one Rsx-s - Injen cai, skunk2 70mm Tb, Kpro base tune. 3rd gear roll in the Rsx. 2nd gear in the Tsx

"Built RSX" vs 06 TSX bolt ons
RSX took the straights, TSX took it on the corners. (TSX had 4 big guys in it)

Slammed TSX Camber Gang Test video
random clips of Lewis SoLow, Rockit and MIKE_CACK!