11psi 4 dr. GSR vs. 8psi RSX type S w/ a TSX motor

~45mph roll

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Integra gsr vs tsx
Mods on Gsr AEM cold air and skunk 2 mega power Exhaust. Tsx stock

Tsx vs Rsx-s
Tsx - Automatic w/bolt one Rsx-s - Injen cai, skunk2 70mm Tb, Kpro base tune. 3rd gear roll in the Rsx. 2nd gear in the Tsx

Peakboost GSR dyno
100% Stock GSR motor with 143k miles PeakBoost turbo Kit 57 Trim turbo 650cc RC injector 3" Downpipe 3" Thermal Research Exhaust Neptune Demon RTP 362whp / 233wtq at 8 psi creeping to 11.5

"Built RSX" vs 06 TSX bolt ons
RSX took the straights, TSX took it on the corners. (TSX had 4 big guys in it)