135i (N55 6MT) vs 335i (N54 6AT) 50-125

Both with JB4, but my 135i has a catless downpipe. My 335i has DCI. I got the jump but backed off for a sec. My father driving the 135i and my in the 335i (camera car)

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NFZ N54 335i vs N55 135i
Footage from each car of the same race. AT E90 N54 335i: -FBO -E60 + Meth -JB4 map 7 -BMS E85 flash (BimmerBoost) -Stock turbos 12' E82 DCT 135i: -FBO -E50 -JB4 custom map 6 -BMS flash using Cobb -Pure turbos stage 1 Instagram @PR3CI5N

N54 335i FBO vs. N55 135 FBO
N54 was running 100% e85 w/Brian May tune - stock twin turbos N55 was running 60% e85, 40% 93 w/JB4 (no backend flash) - single Pure turbo

135 (N54) vs 135 (N55)
Red 08 135 - N54 FBO + Meth Silver 11 135 - N55 FBO + E85

BMW 135i vs Jeep srt8 vs porsche 4s
3way Drag race the srt8 came in and joined the race. Mazdaspeed protege camera car.