BMW 330Ci vs. Mazda RX8

BMW 330Ci vs Mazdas ultimate Rotary Rocket. Is that really all?

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Fahrbericht Mazda RX-8 hat den Wankel-Sportler RX-8 getestet

Following the Ring Taxi with a BMW 330 Ci
In this video, I follow the BMW M5 V10 Ring Taxi with my BMW 330 Ci. Not enough power but better brakes and handling ;) The bars indicate longitudinal and lateral G Forces. Video recorder is Chasecam PDR100 with integrated G-Force module.

RX-8 v.s bmw 330i
rx-8 doesnt know that bmw wanted to race but still kills bmw by 1/1/2 car

Mazda RX8 ohne Resonanzrohr 192PS
Mazda RX8 ohne Resonanzrohr 192 PS Baujahr 2007