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Taniguchi testing at Fuji Speedway in the Top Fuel S2000

Nob Taniguchi testing at Fuji Speedway in the Top Fuel S2000


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2014 SUPER GT Rd.1 Okayama 【Final】

TOPFUEL/VOLTEX Set a record of tuning car at FujiSpeedWay
オーストラリアで行われるWTAC2013参戦に向けてテストを けるトップフューエル&ボルテックスのS2000RR。 2013年8月22日に富士スピードウェイで行われたテストで 、気温の高い真夏にもかかわらず、チューニングカー( タイヤ)のレコードタイムとなる1分40秒905を記録。 WTACでの活躍が期待できる記録達成となった。 WTAC2013の直前レポートやマシンメイクについては、OPTION2 2013年10月号をチェックしてね! 関連情報:http://blog.livedoor.jp/jdm_option2/archives/52093817.html      http://www.cocoa.ne.jp/  Team TopFuel/VOLTEX S2000RR 1"40'905 (Record time of Tuning car at FujiSpeedWay)

S2000 hard top install
forbidden usa s2000 hard top

Honda S2000 Track build - Nurburgring 2013
Just a busy, random lap at the Ring. Μore about the build of the car can be found on www.pb-motorsport.com

Under goes testing at Tsukuba
Under Suzuki gets in some last minute practice at his favourite track, Tsukuba And if you're wondering what he said at the end.. Q: "what happened?" A: "rehearsing" hahahahaha, that's Under alright!

Q300 vs. Stock Exhaust - 07 S2000
Comparison of a completely stock AP2 with the Invidia cat-back Exhaust.

2012 Bakersfield March Meet -Nitro Top Fuel First RD White, Sorokin, Young, Nostalgia Drag Racing
Buy Drag Strip Riot Posters! http://www.maziracing.com/2004poster/index.htm March 1-4, 2012 Bakersfield March Meet; Nostalgia Top Fuel First Round: Mike Irwin upsets low qualifier Tony Bartone 6.76 to 6.85; Bill Dunlap defeats Rick Williamson 5.92 to 6.08; Jim Young gets win over Ernest McClain 6.59 to 10.28; Rick White defeats Brendan Murry 5.62 to 6.00; Jon Rasmussen upsets Jim Murphy 6.21 to 6.30; Adam Sorokin takes out Terry Cox 5.79 to 5.90; Mendy Fry defeats Rick McGee 5.97 to 7.32. Bartone Bros. Racing Team 2012 Bakersfield March Meet. Nostalgia Drag Racing, A/Gas, Nitro Top Fuel Dragster, Funny Cars, Crash, Funny Car body explosion, Auto Club Famoso Raceway, Bakersfield, California. Brought to you by http://www.dragstripgirldesigns.com Drift HD Action POV Camera, antron brown, winternationals, explodes

Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08, the dual duty street and track tyre is now available in Australia.
The ADVAN Neova AD08 bridges the gap between street tyres and race tyres. Street tyres work well when cold. Conventional rubber compounds reach their limit during high speed driving as heat softening quickly saps the tyres ability to grip the road. Using street tyres on the track can lead to slower lap times and rapid tread wear. Race tyres work well when hot. R-spec race tyres and slicks, on the other hand, generate heat which helps them grip the race track. They work best above 60 degrees Celsius. Race tyres work best in the first heat cycles, then performance begins to drop off. Using race tyres on the street is uneconomical as it can waste heat cycles and reduce tyre performance. For more information visit http://www.yokohama.com.au Available from Tyres & More Ph. 136673 (13MORE), Bob Jane T-Marts Ph. 131509 and Yokohama Preferred Dealers Ph. 131509.

Vehicular S2000 Sportbike Exhaust Sound Clip
Custom 76mm Exhaust using Ti sportbike mufflers.

[Time Attack] - Togethia - Round 1 Cadwell Park 2013: Pt.1
Togethia -- Time Attack Round 1 Cadwell Park 2013 Togethia Media Services - http://facebook.togethia.tv - Time Attack Championship UK Follow them on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/UKTimeAttack -- The 2013 season is officially underway and started with a return to Cadwell Parks 2.1870 miles of unforgiving narrow track laced with armco. 51 teams and drivers registered overall, [up on 2012] to take on the challenge but would all 51 make it to the final and survive the dramatic hills, twists and turns which include the infamous mountain section, known for sending cars flying into the air and crashing down with a bump -- a place where only the strongest transmissions survive? http://www.timeattack.co.uk --- Audio -- Avicii & Project46 & You Ft.Daphne - Crime (Evan Summers Remix) http://www.youtube.com/monstercatmedia -- Filmed - Mark Henderson, Filip Ionita, Tim Fare-Matthews Edited - Tim F.Matthews, Mark Henderson Animation - Samuel Newlove Photographer - Benny Rees Producer - Pete Farrow Follow/Subscribe to us on Facebook: http://facebook.togethia.tv Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.togethia.tv and on Youtube: http://youtube.togethia.tv and finally check out our blog! -- http://blog.togethia.tv/

ASM S2000 - Fastest NA Tsukuba 筑波 Lap
This is the actual in-car video of the fastest NA car ever to lap Tsukuba 筑波. Toda engine, dry carbon body, this is the most expensive S2000 ever built by ASM.

RH9 三重トップフューエル S2000 富士スピードウェイ 車載映像
2013年1月27日、HKSプレミアムデーin富士スピードウェイに おける、OPTION FUJI SUPERLAPの車載映像です。 車両:TOPFUEL S2000タイプRR 712.5ps/7000rpm 74.5kgm/6500rpm ドライバー:谷口信輝 氏 ベストタイム:1'46.382 この模様は、OPTION誌2013年4月号(2月26日発売予定)にて 載される予定です! OPTION4月号をお楽しみに! 三重トップフューエルのHPはこちら http://www.topfuel.info RH9のHPはこちら http://www.rh9.or.jp

Voltex and Top Fuel wind tunnel testing the S2000s new aero!
We check out the guys from Top Fuel and Voltex doing final aero testing before sending their awesome S2000 to Australia for World Time Attack!

Chris Jeanneret Reveals Plans for Formula Drift Turbo Honda S2000 - Made to Drift Ep. 1
Watch episode two: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgK6qBZ85WE In episode one of Made to Drift, professional Formula Drift driver Chris Jeanneret reveals that he will be building a turbocharged Honda S2000 for the 2014 season. Chris also introduces SpeedFactory Racing - the shop and team that will be building/maintaining his car. They are known for building some of the quickest Hondas in the world. Last year their Honda Civic drag car ran a record-setting 7.91 @ 196mph pass. In the next episode of Made to Drift Chris will go over the chassis fabrication and engine/turbo placement. #turbolife - http://www.turbobygarrett.com http://www.vleds.com Help Chris bring the S2000 to your local Formula Drift event by purchasing products from his online store: http://www.chrisjeanneretracing.com/ Made to Drift produced by ImportMeet.com. Subscribe to ImportMeet.com: http://www.youtube.com/user/importmeet?sub_confirmation=1 Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/importmeet http://www.facebook.com/chrisjeanneret http://www.facebook.com/speedfactoryracing Drift footage provided by LORENinHD & Zach Wingfield: http://www.loreninhd.com http://www.facebook.com/zwingfilms Video shot and edited by RK Films: http://www.ryankamfilm.com

トップフューエル スイフトターボ300psの筑波アタック
トップフューエルが製作した300馬力オーバーのスイフト ターボ「スイタ君」の筑波アタックの動画です! インカー映像、大井選手のコメントもあります。 ちょっと縦長になってしまっていますが、悪しからず(^ ^; スイタ君の詳細についてはホームページをご覧ください 。 http://www.topfuel.info

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

Similar 1/4 mile timeslips to browse:

2003 Honda S2000 AP1: 8.544 @ 159.600
Tasos Moraitis-Geartech Engineering, Engine: f20c, Turbos: borg warner s400 Tires: 29x12x15

2004 Honda S2000 GT37r Turbo: 9.994 @ 141.890
Carey Bales, Engine: 2.2l, Turbos: GT37r Turbo Tires: Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials

2000 Honda S2000 Garrett GT35R 62mm Billet Turbo: 10.540 @ 135.880
Neema Dadgostar, Engine: Built 2.2L, Turbos: Divided GT35R 1.06 Billet 62mm Tires: 255/50/16 MT ET Drag Radials

2002 Honda S2000 Turbo: 10.695 @ 124.750
Arnold Tamasar, Engine: Stock block, Turbos: Turbonetics 72trim turbo Tires: Nitto555r drag radials

2002 Honda S2000 Turbo: 10.703 @ 132.740
John Lee, Engine: STOCK block, Supercharger: none Turbos: InlinePRO turbo kit (GT35R) Tires: Nitto Drag radials 245/50/16

2001 Honda S2000 Turbo: 10.750 @ 129.310
Elias Augerinos, Engine: Pulse Turbocharging, Turbos: Yes Tires: M/T 26x8 slick

2004 Honda S2000 Garret GT35r: 10.921 @ 135.620
Joseph Costanza, Engine: Stock block 2.2L, Supercharger: NA Turbos: Garret GT35r 1.06 Tires: Mickey Thompsons 255/50/16 Drag Radials

2003 Honda S2000 : 11.010 @ 129.600
Richard Albans, Supercharger: TTS ROTREX Tires: MT STREET ET

2001 Honda S2000 : 11.311 @ 127.321
Shaun Robinson, Engine: 2.0, Turbos: 63mm Tires: potenza s02

2001 Honda S2000 GT30r Turbo: 11.712 @ 121.230
Will B, Engine: Stock F22c (2.2L), Turbos: Garrett GT3076r with .63 a/r Tires: Kumho Ecsta SPT, 235 Front, 275 Rear

2004 Honda S2000 : 11.919 @ 124.320
Carey Bales, Engine: InlinePRO fully built F22C, Turbos: Garett GT35R

2003 Honda S2000 Turbo: 12.100 @ 117.000
Jason Ruiz, Engine: 2.0 VTEC, Turbos: GT-35-61 Tires: YOKOHAMA AVID VS4

2002 Honda S2000 comptech supercharger: 12.230 @ 113.000
Nate Castro, Engine: f20c, Supercharger: comptech

2000 Honda S2000 AP1 Turbo: 12.931 @ 111.500
Sergio L, Engine: Stock, Turbos: Anclamotorsports Tires: Sumitomo 225

2002 Honda S2000 : 13.648 @ 100.490
Jon, Tires: Potenza S-02

2003 Honda S2000 Stock: 13.720 @ 99.000
Red Bull,

2002 Honda S2000 : 13.740 @ 100.280
Auriel Castro,

2002 Honda S2000 : 13.746 @ 100.280

2004 Honda S2000 Stock: 13.750 @ 100.120
arztime, Engine: Stock, Supercharger: Soon Turbos: No Tires: stock

2005 Honda S2000 : 13.759 @ 100.860
Franois Thberge, Engine: Stock, Tires: Nitto NT-01


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