k20 type r vs evo mr

2nd gear roll stock k20 type r vs evo mr

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k20a eg hatch type r
This is my old k20a eg hatch type r. I miss this car dearly, or more so the motor, but this was a video i made for a potential buyer when i was selling it. The only reason i posted it on youtube was to make it easier to show him the video seems he was from out of town. Please check out my other videos in my youtube channel to see my current build, as well as my friends builds!!!! SUBSCRIBE PLEASE!!!!!!

K20 civic vs Evo VIII
K20 eg hatch w/kpro and full bolt ons (210whp) vs Full bolt on Evo @ 23 psi

K20 Civic vs Evo 9 MR
K20A2 Tuned Civic vs Bolt-On Tuned Evo 9 MR Mods of each car are listed in the video. Evo did not have a passenger.

k20a vs m3 evo
my k20a civic vs m3evo e36 3.2 with ram air kit and some open Exhaust. roll second gear 60kmh till 230 .