★ Lowriders- 63 Impala 3 wheel motion and Towncar dragging ★

Just some of my boys leaving a car show in North Brunswick NJ...

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Klassics C.C. BBQ 5/21/2017
Kickin'it with the Klassics bbq in San Jose, Ca May 21, 2017 I showed up late so i got what video i could. -Video by Lobo

Lowriders and other vehicles: Cesar Chavez Day Parade San Francisco 2015, Part 2
The Cesar Chavez Day Parade in the Mission District of San Francisco, April 18, 2015. This is the lowrider, cars, and other vehicles portion of the parade. To see the other portions of the parade, watch part 1 here: https://youtu.be/48upDaADTo8 I really wanted to set this to some good music, but unfortunately, I couldn't find any royalty-free music that seemed appropriate and was any good. I found a little bit of mediocre music, but it would have cost a lot and still not enough to cover the entire video, so we have the original audio instead. Except for a small portion at the end where I had to substitute in some music because of copyrighted music that was playing. You might also enjoy: King of the Streets Lowrider Hop Contest San Francisco 2016 (Part 1 of 2) https://youtu.be/S1jcf5GQmwg King of the Streets Lowrider Hop Contest San Francisco 2016: Multi-car hops (Part 2 of 2) https://youtu.be/5tcUESNDaNc

Follow us on Facebook and post your problem for solutions: https://www.facebook.com/Lowrider-Hydraulics-TIPS-106100613308176 If you have a lowrider on hydraulics and are located in or around Tennessee, join our group on facebook by visiting WWW.TENNESSEEONHYDRAULICS.COM This is to help all the beginners out there to learn how to 3 wheel with ease. This is a small glimpse into 3 wheeling. With time anyone can be comfortable with 3 wheeling, if its your first time it will be scary, I remember my first time, I thought the car was going to flip over. Items that can make 3 wheeling easier: 1. Weight- short car with a lot of weight may be able to stand 3 wheel, but consider the long term damage of the extra weight. If this is the route you take, make sure to reinforce stress points on the frame at a minimum. 2. Cylinder height- 10 inch cylinders in the back will probably only give you a small three wheel, great 3 wheels start with 14s at a minimum. 3. Rear suspension setup- depending on the rear setup wether it be a 4 link, 3 link, or even 2 link, the factory mounts and bars are not meant to move the way a 3 wheel will want to move, matter of fact it will hold it back from 3 wheel as much as it can, changing out the upper arms or banana bar to either a Y bar or Wishbone can give it the freedom it needs to twist easier.

1963 low rider Chevy Impala "The Love Machine"
1963 LOW RIDER Chevy Impala, The Love Machine is a 1963 Chevy Impala fully customized lowrider style from Washington State. ENJOY this Chevy Impala 3 wheel HD Video!