Revolutionary New Electric Car Motor

Black & Decker and myself have teamed up to bring the world a revolutionary new electric car motor/controller/battery design. Wink wink nudge nudge.

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Saying Goodbye to Batteries
Professor Joel Schindall of MIT's Laboratory for Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems discusses his work in developing a fast-charging, long-lived ultracapacitor that has the potential of replacing standard batteries; a tour of the lab is provided.

Electric Car Conversion Methods For Under $500 Click here to learn how to convert your car to electricity for under $1000. Here you will find reviews on the top guiedes available on the web.

My all new newman motor 1.(TheDaftman)
My all new newman motor 1. If anyone would like to discuss any of my work or videos I have now set up a forum. Forum name is: The Energy Experimenting People. Teep for short. Anyway this is the link please come and join me.

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