LEGO ball shooter

LEGO ball sorter. Using 3 motors.

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LEGO GBC 20 modules 【レゴ】 玉ころがしをつくってみた
20 GBC modules built by me. 4 modules(screw,sweeper,shovel,pump) based on Philo's . The module at 5:24 based on Isogawa's. The pneumatic module at 7:00 using Linmix's image. Some other modules being inspired by GBC fan's.

LEGO GBC Ball Factory レゴ ボール工場
レゴで作った生産ラインっぽいものです。縮小版です。 superbird28さんの動画に影響されて作りました。桶に玉を め、すぐに取り出します。一応GBCに組み込めるように ってあります。 blog→

LEGO Great Ball Contraption / Rube Goldberg | BrickFair Alabama 2016
NEW WORLD RECORD LEGO GBC! See here: Bryan Bonahoom talks about the LEGO Great Ball Contraption Rube Goldberg Machine at BrickFair Alabama 2016. This GBC is made up of 59 individual modules. How does a GBC work? WATCH: See more amazing LEGO creations from BrickFair AL 2016: Use promo code BEYOND2016 at for 10% off your order! Intro animation by HJ Media Studios: -- Contact us: Subscribe to Beyond the Brick on YouTube - Circle Beyond the Brick on Google+ - Follow Beyond the Brick on Twitter - Like Beyond the Brick on Facebook:

LEGO GBC module : Basket Shooter
internal mechanism→