Suzuki SJ v Land Rover

SJ pulls Land Rover out of mud

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2" Trail Master. Suzuki SJ. Flex Like a Hummer
Hey Guys! We had to upgrade the suspension on our little Suzuki. So we went for a complete kit from german "Trail Master" Very pleased with the new ride of the suzuki.. now to sort out that engine.. Music by TeknoAXE.

Land Rover Vs. Suzuki Vs. Nissan
Territorio Galeras en las trochas de Nariño, Puestos a prueba: Land Rover Santana, Suzuki SJ 410 y Nissan Samurai...

Suzuki SJ - SwiftGTI - Full 4x4 Power PART 1
Suzuki SJ - SwiftGTI - Full 4x4 Power PART 1

SUZUKI samurai VS TOYOTA hi-lux.....
"DIRTY HARRY" to the rescue!!!! pulling out a Toyota hi-lux. not bad for the Suzuki with the 1.3l engine!!!! aHARDKORproduction