Suzuki SJ v Land Rover

SJ pulls Land Rover out of mud

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Devils Pit 2011 Best Bits Compilation - Suzuki, Auverland, Land Rover Disco
A compilation of best bits including driving through deep water, rolling over, winching, rescuing and mud holes! I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Suzuki SJ - SwiftGTI - Full 4x4 Power PART 1
Suzuki SJ - SwiftGTI - Full 4x4 Power PART 1

Land Rover Vs. Suzuki Vs. Nissan
Territorio Galeras en las trochas de NariƱo, Puestos a prueba: Land Rover Santana, Suzuki SJ 410 y Nissan Samurai...

2" Trail Master. Suzuki SJ. Flex Like a Hummer
Hey Guys! We had to upgrade the suspension on our little Suzuki. So we went for a complete kit from german "Trail Master" Very pleased with the new ride of the suzuki.. now to sort out that engine.. Music by TeknoAXE.