NASCAR Weekly Series Racecar FOR SALE!!!

Dave has decided to sell his racecar, it's a oldsmobile cutlass, next generation thundercar that was raced in the Nascar Whelen All-American Series at Barrie Speedway in Ontario Canada

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WTF Moments: NASCAR 2014
I'm back! The best WTF moments from the 2014 NASCAR season. Any moments I missed or intentionally skipped will be included in an honorable mentions video, possibly. Footage owned by FOX Sports, TNT, ESPN, and NASCAR Media.

100 Ways To Die In NASCAR
For all those who are new to my videos, this was made using a PC simulator called NASCAR Racing 2003 Season. There are countless track addons, car mods, paint schemes, sound effects, and best of all crash physics second to none. Check out some memes and other NR2003 posts here: As far as you faithful subscribers (thank you by the way, you are awesome), Idiots of NASCAR: Vol. 19 is definitely a WIP, currently in the writing stage. My summer is getting pretty busy, but before it got to crazy I was able to get most of this project done. I'd say the hardest part was thinking of 100 new ways besides the original two sets of 50. Thank you all for your patience in subscribing and watching these videos, you are the reason I keep making these. For downloads to this game for tracks and mods, check out: For paint schemes, check out: For the free (legal) demo of this game, check out: 1.html For the full game (still copyrighted, don't believe the abandonware rumors), look on ebay and expect to pay at least $75 used. "Whiskey on the Mississippi" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

JR's 1st Street Stock Race 5-1-10 Part 1 Warm Ups & Qualifying Heat Race
My friend Larry JR ODonnell, last years (2009) 4 Cylinders Senior Point Champ at Bethel Motor Speedway, in is first race in his new V8 powered Street Stock car, on May 1, 2010. This is Part 1 the warm Ups and the Qualifying Heats

In-car camera | Dale Earnhardt Jr. hits the wall at Michigan
Get an exclusive look from inside the 88 car when Dale hits the wall at Michigan. For more NASCAR news, check out: