1956 Chevy 327 4 speed

327 11 to 1 comp pop ups, Elgin hyd cam 300 with 490 lift, fun little rever with 4 speed fun

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1956 Chevy 2dr 327 4 speed 4.88 gears
Testing 327 with the 4.88 gears before I put the 3.08 rear back in to drive some place. The 4.88 are fun but 40 mph is too slow. Plan to put some 3.55 or 3.73 in my posi for next summer. Engine runs comp cam 280H, 041 heads, 600DP Holley. Super T-10 with deep 3.43 first gear (with the tall 29 inch BFG) for the little mouse to get into its power range of RPM. First run 1st gear caught me sleeping :) Have had this car for lots of years, it had seen many changes. What's next?

Brett Davis 55 Chevy 327 circa 1994.wmv
Brett Davis and his 1955 Chevy. Powered by a 327 with 4:56 gears and a TH350.

1956 Chevy 150 with 327 Elgin cam
Put together this 327 with 11:1 popups head are 461 double humps. Elgin cam is Lift: .465/.488 Duration: 298/304 Duration @ .050": 224/234 Lobe Separation: 112 LC shifting at 6000 RPM Needs more advance in timing but it is pinging now with 91 and 87 mix. Not real fast by today engines with good heads. But in its day it was fast and still is fun to rev the 327. Some good gas and 6500 shifts will be fun, when it pops I will Put my 302 next.

chevy vega drag 327 sbc engine for sale
this is the video of my chevy 327 running in a chevy vega the engine is a retired strip car with fresh rebuild runs good ...i do not own the vega.. I do own the engine..this is the engine builders car that he has upgraded with a big block...