350z vs. Mustang GT & Mach 1

Nissan 350z vs. Mustang GT gears, cold air, hurst shifter. After loss Mach 1 jumps in with a close first race.

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2003 Mach 1 vs 2004 Mustang GT
Mach is stock drag radials, auto, x pipe, flowmasters, and K&N. Mach wins by 6

Mach 1 vs 350z
First two races are from 40 - last race is a 20 roll 2004 Mach 1 (bolt-ons) vs. 2003 350z (bolt-ons)

Mach 1 having some fun with a R1 and 350z
Fun times with a Mach 1, R1, and 350z. The z has full bolt ons and Nitrous; the Mach has a 2.1L KB at 9ibs, full Exhaust, and a poorly geared viper 6 speed transmission.

350z vs Mustang GT
2005 350z vs 2002 Mustang GT, jammin Marilyn Manson's Resident Evil Theme Music...for more info on my Stang check out: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/842097