MKIV Supra Vs. RB25 200SX

Daniel driving the 400hp supra, Noud in the 343hp 200sx. Visit

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240sx rb25det vs MK3 Supra
Me and a freind was on the way to Dyno day at Majestic Motorsports and decided to put the 2 side by side. His Supra was build besides cams and had nothing but stock bolt ons. My mods are listed in the video. We where just running them to get footage. I get no cool points this time. Hope you enjoy the video.

2JZ T76 Cressida vs RB25 GT42 260z
NA-T 2JZ T76 Cressida (15 psi 91 Octane) vs RB25 GT42 260z (16 psi 91 Octane) 2 Digs and 2 40 Rolls, Both on Street Tires, Road wasn't long enough to go farther, the Datsun's brakes were smoking after the last run. Camera is in the Cressida

200SX S15 2JZ 1200HP!!!!

Toyota Supra MKIV, 400 hp in Riga, Latvia
2JZ power. Tanabe Exhaust + front mounted Intercooler + HKS air filter.