A tribute to the best motocycle and the best band.

AB-CD - The Rock´n´Roll Devil 1992 - AC-DC Coverband Three passions ... The best band The rock ... The best machine ... ENJOY ;) * YOUTUBE public videos * Images Deviantart

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Here is a song written by my buddy Jay Ewan...He does the vocal and lead guitar. A Big Thank You to Corey Mays for letting me use his bike photos. Enjoy!

Highway To hell (Wild Hogs)

Police Chase Harley
Dallas FOX 4 news helicopter, SKY 4 captured a police chase involving a suspect on a Harley. The suspect had a federal warrant and had been under surveillance. He led police through the streets and highways of Fort Worth and Arlington. The audio in this video is what SKY 4 photographer Mike is listening to during the chase. The audio contains off-air, air traffic, Mike's voice, the pilot's voice, ad the news producer. You will hear Mike's live reporting, as well as the news anchor. Also, check out how the suspect taunts the cops, and the possible excessive force at the end.

CRAZY DAYS ALYTUS 2010 (Lithuania) HQ
CRAZY DAYS 2010 FESTIVALl ORGANIZERS: http://crazyinthedarkmc.lt/ VIDEO FESTIVAL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwOIelc047c FILM DIRECTOR: http://www.facebook.com/DARIUStudio.lt video by http://www.dariustudio.lt/ music: Diesel Dahl - Harley-Davidson