GTA 4- APC Rampage!

Update: this is the PS3 version of GTA 4. This isn't a mod, you just simply type 272-555-8265 into the cellphone. NOTE: This only works if you have The Ballad of Gay Tony add-on, or Episodes from Libery City disc!

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Canadian Armed Forces LAV III [GTA TBoGT APC Mod, 1080p]
Canadian Armed Forces LAV III By: SkylineGTRFreak. Video By: Carrythxd. Download: Text from GTA4-Mods: Another canadian APC for GTA IV. The LAV II almost got the same chassis as the US Stryker, but still has some noticeable differences. Original model from Battlefield 3, modified and converted by me. Comes with woodland and desert colors. Handling by Sgt.Kanyo Music: No song(s) were used.

Téléchargez ces deux tanks ICI : Download tanks here In this tunnel, the death is waiting for you. Survivors will be lucky La mort vous attends dans ce tunnel, les survivants seront chanceux... mods utilisés : voir générique de fin. mods used : see the end of this video. participants : ÉpyleptiKbanjabi, banjabi, Koz8stntr, CarnavlRime4 et DucPapier merci à eux Music : 1/ Deftones - Engine n°9 (Album : Adrenaline) © 2/ Chimaira - Resurection © PC 1 CM Asus® Sabertooth x58 Intel® i7 920 2.66GHz OC 2.93GHz SpinQ® V-tech ram 12Go Corsair® Vengeance 1333MHz (Kit 3x4Go) XFX® HD5970 4Go DDR5 SSD Samsung® 830 128Go + 4x1To caviar green Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bits PCU 850W BlueRay LG® Bitfenix® Colossus Black Triscreen HP® 3x23" 5760x1080p PC 2 CM Gigabyte® Ga-p55-ud6 Intel® i7 860 2.80GHz Zalman® CNPS9900 max ram 8Go Corsair Vengeance (Kit 2x4Go) Gainward® GTX580 1496Mo DDR5 Raid 0 2x Hitachi 7200rpm 2x1=2To + 4x1To green caviar Windows 7 Famillial 64Bits PCU 650W NZXT® Zero2 Sony® Bravia 127cm

♣ GTA IV - Hospital Massacre ♣
First I exploded the hospital, killed loads of cops, moved to the airport, and managed to escape from the cops! :D (Yes, helicopter and the car parts are sped up) Please guys, show us some respect by rating, commenting and sharing our channel to your friends! It helps us alot :)

GTA 5: Army Tank Rampage
Want more? Surviving a 5 star wanted Level inside a Rhino Tank I stole.