GTA 4- APC Rampage!

Update: this is the PS3 version of GTA 4. This isn't a mod, you just simply type 272-555-8265 into the cellphone. NOTE: This only works if you have The Ballad of Gay Tony add-on, or Episodes from Libery City disc!

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All 3 of Yusufs' Golden Vehicles! (Yes THREE!)
Golden Boat, Golden Buzzard and a Super Drop Diamond (Golden that is)

Spintires - Random Gameplay

Plane + Car = Disaster
Just messing around in Just Cause 2. It was 75% off this week on Steam, so I have been playing it a lot. When the multiplayer mod comes out, or maybe even the next open beta, I may do some game play with commentary of course.

GTA: TLaD Street Bike Race.
This was my first race ever on TLaD, [SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS!] [WATCH VIDEO IN HD!] System- Playstation 3