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Pruebas de sonido en una Suzuki van van, con escape Devil y DB KILLER original y magnum http://www.euskalnet.net/robertrains/


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escape DEVIL vs MIVV suzuki VAN VAN rv 125 exhaust
Comparativa de escapes , Exhaust , MIVV y DEVIL con y sin db killer en moto suzuki van van rv 125 http://www.euskalnet.net/robertrains/SUZUKI.HTM

Fitting Db Killer to 2007 Ford Fiesta ST (Cobra Non-Res System 4" Outlet)
2007 Ford Fiesta ST190 - Cobra Non-resonated Decibel Killer Install. SKIP TO 2:34 TO MY NEIGHBOUR'S 'PIMPED' VW UP! Couldn't find any guides, pics or instructions of how fit a decibel killer so made this vid. Have I done it right?... if so 'well done me' and now I can share with all. Single drill hole and bolt fixing seemed weak and whistling upon revs seems odd - Worried it sounds like an awful 'fake-turbo' whistle. It was cold (motor & weather) when this was filmed, hence the Exhaust output... My head gasket is intact. Don't forget I've already been stopped by plod and fined for the Exhaust (which sucked) - Plod then promised he'd be back in 14 days to do it again if I didn't change it out, now that he had my address. Needless to say that's an expensive business... So thought I'd try this first. I am aware it could upset the motor/re-map with increased resistance and will be getting it checked. Killer came from MIJ Exhausts - Check out the MIJ site or find their stuff on Ebay for about £22 inc postage, its all the same but you can use PayPal easier. Let me know if this has been helpful. PS- Hope you like the custom VW Up - As you can see this was done while I was still trying to figure out how to remove the killer after wedging it too far in - Boredom is a dangerous thing (Tyres are actually from a 1987 V8 Nascar Ford Taurus)

Suzuki van van rv 125 devil exhaust
my old mans rv for sale!

Mi primera moto - Suzuki van van
Personalísima estética retrocross para una moto urbana para no pasar desapercibida. Es la primera vez que me subo a una moto y la van van ha sido mi elección, aprender es lo primero. Un paseo por unas calles con poca circulación hicieron que me encontrara cómoda.

Suzuki RV 125 Van Van exhuast sound
I came across this mod on a website/forum. decided it might have been for me. gave it a go and im very pleased with the mod. i can always return to stock Exhaust if i was too. the only thing now is to tidy up the end hole then the jobs a good un"

suzuki van van 200 free exhaust (DME Russia)
suzuki van van 200 without Exhaust (DME Russia)

Suzuki vanvan Ixil Exhaust

Suzuki RV125 with Powertech Exhaust
Tired of the standard pipe and it's total lack of volume I opted for something that will let pedestrians and careless car drivers know I'm coming. The Powertech is a great alternative to much more expensive systems. I'm pretty sure that it also freed the motor up a bit as it seems more responsive and not so suffocated. Available from http://www.powertech.uk.com

Video frances Suzuki Van van
Video promocional de una television francesa sobre este modelo de motocicleta.

Suzuki VanVan RV125 short review
Compare engine sound of a Suzuki 125cc vanvan 1, with a Yamaha 1000cc Fazer

Suzuki RV 125 VanVan Sound Devil
Hier ein kleines Vid von meiner VanVan mit Devil Endtopf

2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000 - Jay Leno's Garage
How fast could you go? Do the power-to-weight math: 155 at the rear wheel at 452 pounds... Competition is fierce in the crowded realm of the literbike. So despite an incredible record of consecutive AMA Superbike wins, Suzuki decided to go back to the drawing board for a completely new soup-to-nuts redesign of the GSX-R1000 for 2009. Suzuki Motorcycle's Garrett Kai jokes that the only elements carried over from last year's model are the fuel tank cap and the oil filter. The differences may seem subtle to the untrained eye, but to a superbike aficionado, Suzuki has gone the distance to improve upon previous near perfection. The overall appearance of the Gixxer Thou is more aggressive and more refined, and more compact than its forebear. Weight has been cut back six pounds to a total net of 452 pounds. The redesigned 999cc inline four-cylinder engine is over two inches shorter, which in turn shortens the wheelbase for greater maneuverability, and allows for a longer swingarm, yielding improved corner traction. Technology from racing's cutting edge has informed most aspects of the bike's new design, including a new cable-actuated clutch system, and big piston forks. Indeed, with 155 hp at the rear wheel, you might want to have some racing experience before attempting to tap this bike's potential. That's right, for a mere $12,899, you too can enjoy grand prix performance in a two-wheeled street machine. An avid Suzuki collector, Jay already has a 1975 RE5 and a 1966 X6 Hustler among others in his collection, and was beyond thrilled when Suzuki presented him with the first production GSX-R1000 as a thank you for his support of the motorcycle industry. Jay will have to break his Gixxer in easy for the first 500 miles, keeping it below 4000 rpm - where most cars redline! Subscribe NOW to Jay Leno's Garage: http://full.sc/JD4OF8 Check out the Official Jay Leno's Garage Site for more: http://JayLenosGarage.com Get more Jay Leno's Garage: Follow Jay: http://Twitter.com/LenosGarage Like Jay: http://Facebook.com/JayLenosGarage Get more NBC: NBC YouTube: http://full.sc/MtLxIM NBC Facebook: http://facebook.com/NBC NBC Twitter: http://twitter.com/NBC NBC Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NBC/posts NBC Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/nbctv/ NBC Tumblr: http://nbctv.tumblr.com/ Tonight Show host Jay Leno explores his passion for all things on wheels in this Emmy Award-winning web series. 2009 Suzuki GSX-R1000 - Jay Leno's Garage http://www.youtube.com/user/jaylenosgarage

Suzuki RV125 VanVan Stock No:55844
Sales review of this brilliant Suzuki RV125 Van Van - 125cc trail style bike available at DK Motorcycles....01782 861100. see sexy Dee doing her stuff !.

Suzuki RV90 Van Van 1974
Here is a video of my new old bike, it's a Suzuki RV90 1974 that is located in São Paulo, Brazil.

Suzuki Van Van + escape Turbokit / db killer
Suzuki van van - escape turbokit - db killer

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