1964 plymouth savoy, for sale.

1964 plymouth savoy body, x race car shell, no engine, or tranny, no hood. has a 1967 plymouth belvedere 8 3/4 rear end. has bench seat. has 4 speed pedals. charcoal metallic paint. great body work just needs buffed or sanded down and repainted what ever color you desire. . . has extra chrome and arm rests in trunk, solid trunk floor. comes with bumpers, seats and fender well headers. i have too many projects . this beast has gota go.

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1964 Plymouth Savoy FOR SALE
This is my 1964 Plymouth Savoy

1964 Plymouth Belvedere 2 door 440 4speed for sale
This is a very nice solid old car perfect to restore or make your very own Max Wedge car. It has a 440 and a 4 speed and a 83/4 rear in it. The car is very solid and not a rust bucket. This would be perfect to make a drag car out of street car or even restore it back to stock.

Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge
Mopar Max Wedge. Early 60's super stockers website: http://georgeklass.net/ 62 Max Wedge road test: http://wildaboutcarsonline.com/cgi-bin/pub9990262549620.cgi?itemid=99803925 91048&action=viewad&categoryid=9980392476305&page=1&placeonpage=1&totaldisp layed=50

1964 Plymouth Savoy Wagon for sale, resto project Flint Grand Blanc Michigan auto appraisal
Local Grand Blanc Flint Michigan car appraiser Jason Phillips inspected this Colorado survivor, original factory paint on a 70,000 mile 6 cyl. 3 speed St. Louis built Mopar. Last licensed out west in the early 80's, it's sat in a barn until now. It will need a floor pan, now available as a full unit for about $900 aftermarket. The body is collision free. The cowl is good, a frequent issue on Belvederes. We have over 100 still photos to attest to the strengths and weaknesses. The good news is all the trim is there, the tailgate is complete, and none of the original glass is broken. This will make for a great resto project of a rarely seen car on the road. There's 4 extra doors, two extra fenders, extra "B" pilars, and a bunch of trim parts that were taken off of a third vehicle that was stripped down. 810-694-2008