Quarter Scale Ferrari F40 R/C 35CC

Photo of the car with the body on http://i.imgur.com/j0OGiqh.jpg

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Ferrari F2005 Rc
Próbaút a Ferrari F2005-el...xD

Whats the video about? The Ferrari f40 is the best super car ever, in this video Jeremy Clarkson reviews the f40 and explains why, leave your comments rate and subscribe i will post the rest of this program if any one wants it.

AWESOME Traxxas XO-1 - The World's Fastest RTR RC
My buddy at the track purchased this beauty the first day it came out. He gave it a little test drive at the track and took it easy. He is a good driver but being that its new you gotta take it easy to learn the car. It was so fast that my new Canon 3ti couldn't focus on it. I probably suck at recording too. Anyways, I got rid of that camera and bought a sony a77.

Ferrari F40 LM/GTE Restoration Project
This car had been raced in the BPR in 1996 but had been sitting in a damp barn unused for the previous 8 years. Although it is not one of the original Michelotto cars, Ferrari expert Mike Sheehan labels it as an LM/GTE as it is 1 of 27 cars that started as road cars that were converted by privateers into race cars. With 720 BHP on tap running twin KKK turbos and twin waste gates, it’s claimed to have lapped Hockenheim quicker than a McLaren F1 GTR. Source: http://www.ferrarichat.com/forum/288gto-f40-f50-enzo-laferrari/396915-f40-l m-restoration.html