Quarter Scale Ferrari F40 R/C 35CC

Photo of the car with the body on http://i.imgur.com/j0OGiqh.jpg

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Ferrari F2005 Rc
Próbaút a Ferrari F2005-el...xD

Whats the video about? The Ferrari f40 is the best super car ever, in this video Jeremy Clarkson reviews the f40 and explains why, leave your comments rate and subscribe i will post the rest of this program if any one wants it.

HPI Baja 5Bss Jet-Pro V3 w/ Silencer バハ5Bss 広島 太田川
http://www.goped.com/ August 6 2013, I ordered go-quad on goped.com. My creditcard was charged on Aug. 6. But,,,,Although one month has passed, They do not send the ITEM!! Are they "FRAUD company"?? I become impossible to trust Americans because of their bad deal. Jet-pro のv3チャンバーを装着しました。高回転のノビがすばら い分、中低速のトルクが細くなり、どっかんパワーで いにくくなりましたけど、そこは練習あるのみです。 イレンサーを同時装着したのでとても静かになりまし が、この後ロールオーバーして早速連結チューブが破 ました(T_T)やっぱり直管のほうが気分が出ますね。。

HPI Baja 5B - The Billet Beast with new BodySax twin part 2.
Adjusted the idle up a bit but still obviously tight as, rich and untuned and new, just love that sound at idle but!