Cody Bogging Duramax in Pond

Buddy decides to Bogg his duramax with 6in and 35's in pond everybody had there Mudd Trucks in, didnt work out to well for him. He finally got snatched out by bronco on 44's.

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Death our beloved of Duramax 2500 HD
Traveling from Winnipeg to Sioux Lookout March first 2014 after doing a donation to Ronald MacDonald house on behalf of the Canadian Jewellery Group and ourselves we were at the Kenora bypass,when a distracted driver talking on his cell phone did not stop at the stop sign. we braked but hit him just behind the cab of his Dodge Ram truck.Thank you to the OPP officers who were very supportive and to the staff at the Kenora Best Western Hotel, Also to the crew at the Kenora Hospital ant the staff at Kenora Enterprise car rentals. We are still alive. Not back to work at" Ireland's Diamonds & Fine Jewellery" yet. but we will be soon, I hope. Ifka a I are laying low and licking our wounds! We have invested a lot of time and money into upgrades on our truck and the insurance is not likely to cover them.

TT Duramax Vs. New Corvette

Efilive Duramax!
2003 LB7 Duramax with a built trans, lift pump, and Efilive tuning by Adrenaline Truck Performance . Before all of you start calling my bluff I hadn't received my built trans tunes from ATP so I was still running the same tuning I had on my Stock trans. The 160 tune I raced the 350z on is now my daily driver tune. Truck has approximately 100 more rear wheel hp than it did during that race. The Cummins is my buddies (2011 6.7) and it's mods are full deletes, intake, Exhaust and hot damn agg turbo H&S tuning. The Duramax did not have a lift pump or a built transmission at the time.

Powerhouse Nitrous Duramax Truck Pull CRAZY LOUD TURBO WHISTLE!!
One bad Duramax spraying Nitrous and putting down some serious horsepower.