BMW E30 [M5] 340 HP Vs. BMW E30 [M5] Drag Race Follow Us On FaceBook: Hungary - KiskunLacháza - KOE [2009 - 09 - 06]

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BMW 340i
My 1989 BMW M60B40 V8 E30

Bmw e30 340 V8
test drive. checking that everything runs like it should. Check out my new project!

BMW E30 M50 turbo 0-290 km/h
Someone asked for a tacho vid so here it is! Not very good start or shifts, just did a short pull thru the gears 1-6 on the way to the grocery store :) On low Boost.

Brorakan BMW e30 340 v8 vs BMW e30 327 turbo
Porrans svarta e30 mot Joels silvriga e30