Initial D: AE86 vs. Impreza Type-r

Initial D: AE86 vs. Impreza Type-r

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Bunta Fujiwara - The Drift King (Initial D)
Initial D - First Stage_Episode 24 Bunta takes a reluctant Yuichi with him to take a "test spin" in his modified Toyota Trueno 86. This is my favorite scene from the entire Initial D series.

Initial D Final Stage Final Battle Takumi vs Shinji Wings
Initial D Final Stage - Full Battle Takumi VS Shinji - Wings Thanks for 1million views. It wasn't my goal when reuploading this, I just wanted it to be on YT since it's easier for me to watch it that way! Thanks to its original creator (not me). This video is not monetized. Support the official work. ----- I've always preferred the Isuzu Impulse/Piazza to the AE86. Looks nicer to me, and has that indestructible, beastly little 2.0l turbo, making 150hp. A rare gem if you can ever find one. And the interior isn't plastic garbage like the AE86 either (Thanks, GM).

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