Thats me doing a massive burnout in our garage. Sorry my 67 is not so pretty at this moment. Work in progress... Comments in the end is finnish, and mostly about "should we ventilate before getting Cuda inside". :D

More Videos...

Dodge Dart 318 0-60 mph testing
Test drive after tune. Still not fully tuned, but isn't that pretty nice performance for 318? Dont try at open roads!!! ;) To be continued...

69 Dodge Swinger 340 6 pack 4 speed
A day out cruising in a 340 6pack Dodge Dart Swinger

Drunk Garage Burnout
Friday night burnout in a garage from an old parted out Ford.

1971 Dodge Challenger Burnout
Dodge Challenger Burnout Just showing off in my 1971 Dodge Challenger. 360/904/3.23 It was originally a 318 car, but I wanted a little more power so I installed a nicely powered 360 to keep the built simple and cheaper that a big block.