2008 Nissan 350Z Dyno STOCK

Here is my 2008 350Z stock on the Dyno. This is the first pull and it pulled 281 and 219 torque. This was at Dyno Day at Harbor Nissan. HERE ARE THE Dyno SHEETS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W84smWR3VJ8&feature=channel_page

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2007 Nissan 350z Dyno Stock VQ35HR
My stock 2007 Nissan 350z on a Dynojet Dynamometer @ Midnight Performance (Rancho Cordova). 269 WHP 255 WTQ

2008 Nissan 350z - 303whp & 272 ft-lbs N/A
@ CIN Motorsports on their Mustang Dyno

stock nissan 350z hr dyno baseline
Stock Nissan 350z hr baseline No mods at all Stock vq35hr 306 hp 273.93 whp and 244.50 torque in 94.60 degree temperature

How I Got My Clean Title 350z for $3500
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