Chevrolet Lumina (Motorzone Race Car) in Monza Superstars Series (race 1).m4v

Chevrolet Lumina runs in Monza, race 1 of Superstars Series Championship, 2009 edition.

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Chevrolet Lumina: Kyalami Race 1 On Board Camera in Superstars Series
Highlights of Kyalami Race 1 On Board Camera, last race of 2009 Superstars Championship.

Chevrolet Lumina debut.m4v
Motorzone Race Car debuts in Superstars Series Championship with magic Chevrolet Lumina: team's interviews.

Superstars V8 Next Challenge demo gameplay
XBOX 360 version. Sorry for the driving (im using a pad, not a wheel). IA sucks but driving is funny, much better than the first game, its like a light version of Race Pro/GTR. Im purchasing it for PS3 (Logitech G25).

Superstar V8 Racing
All settings are on max! I have recorded this video by using Fraps and added some effects... hope u will enjoy during the vid.. ;) More info about this new racing game: Eurogamer has released a bunch of new preview shots of Superstars V8 racing, showing several cars on a bunch of tracks. The shots include the Jaguar, BMW, Caddilac & Chrysler models racing each other. Officially licensed by the European Superstars Championship, the title will include all cars and tracks of the Italian series. That includes popular race cars like the Audi RS4, the BMW M5 and other V8-powered machinery that races on Italian tracks as well as at Portimao and Kyalami. Developed by Black Bean Games & Milestone and published by Codemasters, Superstars V8 Racing will be released for the PC, the Playstation 3 and the Xbox 360 in 2009. Please rate and comment ;)