Camaro Ss 2010 V.S BMW M6

شفــر وبـس ...;)

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BMW M6 Grand Coupe vs Camaro SS drag
BMW M6 Grand Copue from right off the gumball, my F body SS working hard to keep this one in my sights. Definitely watch this grand coupe take my doors off subscribe and like share as well.

Camaro SS vs BMW M6 Coupe
Please read the description! Disclaimer: - This video is computer generated. - Please DO NOT attempt what you are going to see in this video. The M6 has SMG Transmission/ The Camaro has a manual transmission

(HD) Sunday Run-BMW M5, M6 vs Camaro SS (All Modded)
Another great get together. You'll see an M5 (Meisterchaft GT2 Exhaust), M6 (same Exhaust as M5), Camaro SS (modded), E39 M5, CTS-V, and other cars in this video.

2013 Camaro ZL1 vs 2013 Shelby GT500
Both cars bone sock Stock Tires in 80 degree Florida weather You Ford Guys always have an excuse! :-)