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Rx7 first start up 12a bp
First start up

My Wifes Mazda RX7 Series 2 13B Injected Bridgeport
As the title says, This is my wifes mazda RX7 series 2, It runs a 13B Bridgeport with full injection perfect EFI, With an LT10 microtech. It makes 198hp at the rear treads, Not bad for an N/A 1.3L ;) (All you rotor haters, Dont start the whole 2.6L debate HAHA) This video was taken at the Ipswich Rotor Crew Dyno Day, She won the Non turbo 13B class.

Tim´s 82´ Mazda RX-7 FB 12A Bridgeport
Weber 48 IDA + most annoying Holley fuel pump ever. everything handbuild and all.rotary heaven in germany... you like showcars? GTFO! :)

85 mazda 323 12a monster bridgeport start up