350z Megan Racing Exhaust

350z with custom Megan Racing Exhaust.

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350z megan single exhaust
megan racing y back Exhaust, and the hissing sound is from a small leak in the stock y pipe, one the flex points have some damage from the previous owner when he crashed it.... and all the dual z's in town say the single by far is a better sounding exaust,

HIGHLY ILLEGAL 350z exhaust
Just thought i would show the world my obnoxiously loud Exhaust. I planned on Boosting the car so i thought it would be good idea to go ahead and straight pipe that sloot so i could get used to racecar sounds. Now i have paid/owe the government about 2500$ in tickets...

Modified Nissan 350Z - One Take
The Nissan 350Z is about at rock bottom prices these days, which is probably why I get asked about them so often as platforms for tuner cars. They have some issues, but can be great fun when set up right. Check out Matt's 350Z on WheelWell! https://www.wheelwell.com/profile/54ff583d3cc054e476621b66/vehicles/54ff589 53cc054e476621b73/specs/ Special TST Fan Link for Import Bible here! http://bit.ly/1KHaqgn

Nissan 350Z Race Sound