Shively Motors of Shippensburg Mopar Burnout 3

Shively Motors of Shippensburg mopar show 5/9/2009 burnout 3. Some wicked oversteer.

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Shively Motors Mopar Show 2012
Shively Motors of Shippensburg presents the 2012 Mopar Show. Towards the middle you will hear the first annual "Rev Up" in which all Mopars rev up and make a monstrous roar. A surprise is at the end of this video as well. Special thanks to Bud Faubel and his Hemi Honker, Chris Bryant for roasting the tires on the 1969 Plymouth Barracuda, and a special thanks to all those who participated. Filmed and edited by Brad Ramos in HD.

Mopar nationals burnout contest 2014
Mopar nationals burnout contest 2014 1st place winner was brad schardin the car was a - 1978 "SRT78" 6.1 Hemi Dodge Magnum with a 545RFE 2 wheel Hemi pickup transmission and 3:23 9 1/4 sure grip rear

Hellcat Charger Burnout & Challenger acceleration + many other mopars! [DAMM Meet]
This shows the incredible power of mopar! Thank you to Ralph and Mark for coming out! what a fun time. CLOSED ROAD IN MEXICO, DO NOT ATTEMPT.

Engine Disassembly Mopar 1972 small Block 340
How to Tear down & Inspect a Chrysler V8 340 Engine