84 trans am straight pipes

84 trans am. fake dual no muffler, only cat. This was a cold start up.

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1984 Trans-Am 5.7 sound without exhausts
V8 350 with true dual 2" Exhaust. No mufflers, no cats, no resonators. warm-ish start on a cold day (-15°C)

'87 Trans Am 350 with loud exhaust;
This is my '87 Trans Am. It is a 5.7L V8. It currently has about 150,000 miles on it. I was selling it, but I have decided to keep the car and just work on it bit by bit til i can get it into great shape.

1988 Trans Am 305 TPI Straight Pipe/Muffler Delete
Near stock 305/5speed 1988 Trans Am. Car does have a muffler however there is a massive hole in the Exhaust before the muffler so very little of the Exhaust actually goes through the muffler, so as you can see, ITS LOUD It is an LB9 305 and has a factory posi rear Paint color is the very rare and highly desirable Medium Maui Blue Metallic

1979 Trans Am Sidepipes
just installed side pipes/glass packs!!