KOTS 9: Nitrous Foxbody $1000 grudge racing Thursday Night Lightz, Edgewater 2012

KOTS 9: Nitrous Foxbody $1000 Grudge Racing Thursday Night Lightz, Edgewater drag strip 7-12-12. This is the largest weekly cruise in in the Midwest, packing 3,000+ people into Edgewater Sports Park to watch the no clocks, hand drop, un-prepped track grudge racing every Thursday all summer long. This is the Wyldfantasies coverage of Event 9 of 2012 with the badass foxbody "ROSA BELLE" Nitrous fed 79 Capri foxbody takes the title for the 5th time this season! Check out my channel to see more videos of this wicked wheelie machine dominate its competitors as the King of the Street reigning champion on my channel: http://www.youtube.com/wyldfantasies

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Xtreme Outlaw Series: Turbo vs Nitrous vs Procharger drag racing Kilkare 2012!
Xtreme Outlaw Series: turbo vs Nitrous vs Procharger Mustang, Camaro, G-bodies and v8 drag trucks battle it out for 1/8th mile supremacy on the drag strip at Kilkare Dragway 2012! Its non-stop wheels-up, heads-up Outlaw Mustang drag racing at its best from the heart of the Midwest, check out Phil Hines and his ultimate Procharged Mustang, and badass domestic BES Built v8 engines powering foxbody Mustangs and Lsx Camaro's! If you like this intense drag racing video action please SUBSCRIBE to my channel and share with your friends: http://www.youtube.com/wyldfantasies The short selection of music is 100% original instrumental created with FL Studio by Nate C Productions copyright 2012, check out his youtube channel for more beats, instrumentals and custom sound and music: http://www.youtube.com/natecproductions

Killer wheelstands from various drag strips across the country.

10 Wheelstands with absolutely BRUTAL landings. Which do you think did the most damage?

Daddy Dave vs Thursday Night Lightz Edgewater drag racing 2016
Daddy Dave (Goliath 2.0, Big Tire) vs Thursday Night Lightz, Edgewater Sports Park drag racing video action 2016, filmed by Aries Xecutioner! This is the final Thursday Night Lightz of the season, with guest stars Dave Comstock and Kye Kelly from the Street Outlaws TV Show. This is a street style event held at a drag strip in Cincinnati Ohio. There will be No Times on the boards because this is grudge racing, you just get a win light. All races are off the Arm Drop, by no means a perfect system but its just like street racing so just go with it, at least the Arm Dropper is pretty;) Due to the loudest music I have ever heard at any event, the sound track to this video is modified in many places to remove the copyright issues from the music, I apologize for that and I was lucky to catch as much clean video as I did. If you raced at this event and you don't see any of your passes in this video its probably because the music was all you could hear. I normally film everyones passes but not this time. On to the good stuff, please hit the like and share button! 00:08- 01:30 Intro Music by MK2, Song Name is "Mean Streets" and the intro features many of the cool cars you will see racing in the rest of the video, turbocharged and Nitrous everything. 00:05-00:21 Daddy Dave pulls Goliath 2.0 out of the trailer. 01:40- 02:03 Ray Bulach pulls his turbocharged, manual transmission 4th Gen Camaro out of his trailer, listen to that sick idle! 02:04 Close lane, Calebs turbocharged 3rd Gen Fbody leaves the fast Cadillac in the far lane during the early test and tune session. 02:34- 02:45 Shocker, Kye Kelly signing autografts and selling T-shirts. 04:09 Daves green turbo 240sx vs Stevens black turbo Supra MKIV, import vs import drag race! 04:31- 05:45 Daddy Dave Comstock on the microphone, basically saying he wasn't going to race Kye because he injured the engine racing Birdman the weekend before at Outlaw Armageddon, so instead he was going to pick a car or two from the pits who would race him, so thats what he did, and Kye would do the same too. Things worked out good for Daddy Dave, no so much for Kye Kelly. 05:46 Brads wicked Silver Chevy Lumina makes a test good pass off the arm drop. 06:02 Daddy Dave makes a test pass in Goliath at Edgewater for the first time ever, full quarter mile. 06:30 The Grandstands are packed and th attendance was over 8,000 people, a modern day record for Edgewater Drag Strip, my hometown track. 07:22 Kye Kelly Shocker, huge Nitrous purge from this animal before making a test pass, the first of the event. 07:46 Jon Rogers in the white Camo 240sx vs Steven Rooks turbo Supra "YB2FAST" in the close lane in the import class. 07:59 Check out Calebs cool digital display built into the dash of his 3rd gen turbo F-Body, an I-pad doing the work of Autometer gauges. 08:02- 08:30 Hot Rod supercharged School Bus, check out this sick custom short bus, one of the coolest vehicles I saw at this event. 08:38 Phil Hines and his sick Mustang in the pits cooling off "Where's my flashlight?" 09:52 Daddy Dave from the 405 versus Josh Pratt from the 513 in his silver turbocharged Lsx Trans Am in the far lane. Josh gets him out of the hole, but losses traction after the 60 foot and GOLIATH gets by SLVRBCK! 11:39 Kye Kelly SHOCKER versus Brads fast silver Chevy Lumina! After Brad trees Kye the SHOCKER started coming back, but around the 330 mark sparks start flying from under the black car and he has to shut it down. Team members suspected a failure in the front suspension but I never got an official word. Thanks for watching this video please like, share and comment!