GoPed Trail Ripper Quad (TRQ46) The Go-Ped Trail Ripper Quad TRQ46 utilizes the patented CIDLI suspension system used on the GTR46R and for the first time ever applies that ground-breaking feature to a go-kart. The result is a never before seen product that's perfect for extreme off-road thrills, on-road fun and tons of bang for the buck. This unique CIDLI suspension system gives the Trail Ripper Quad an awesome 10 inches of suspension travel at all 4 of its 11 Badlands knobby tires The TRQ46 also features the Mad Dog disk braking system that makes stopping this quad a breeze. It includes features like the 4.5 HP, 45.7cc GP460RS race engine, high-performance Walbro carburetor, live rear axle, updated racing drive train and automatic centrifugal clutch. This quad's engineering enhancements allow absolute control, fantastic acceleration off the line and out of corners, superior stability, top grade handling and performance. For more information about this quad, click the link above. *Rights to video footage granted by Go-Ped aka Patmont Motor Werks. All product info valid as of posting date, see product page for up to date product info.

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Modified Trail Ripper Quad -- 212 cc engine
Why replace a high rpm motor with a low one? 1. The high one was burned out. 2. The low one was much cheaper and stronger. The con is that it is heavier (without a centered motor, jumping is awkward) Neighbor kid wanted to upgrade his trail ripper quad from the stock engine (50-100cc motor) to a 212cc engine. We cut out the suspension, spliced the area, and welded the suspension onto the back (with custom brackets). We had to disassemble and reassemble the shocks to do this so we didn't destroy them when welding. Built a custom motor mount and sprocket. Runs well. I will have to get video of this at a later time. "Delay Rock" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

Custom Long Travel Insane Jumps and Hill Climb!
Hand made cbr 929 mini buggy doing some crazy jumps at a Formula Offroad event in Sweden! off road extreme insane hill climb

Green Rock Dawg an Extreme Machine KrawlZone
We saw the Green Dawg at King of the Hammers and we were blown away, We had to film it. This machine is insane. This is just a segment of our 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers episode. is an all new outdoor and off road adventure program aimed at taking the adrenaline of extreme rock crawling and pumping it directly into the vein of the off-road community. Be sure to check us out on the web at and on facebook at and join our community of off road enthusiasts. See you on the trail.

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