El Fenomeno Crash

El Fenomeno Crash @ PBIR, Video by www.grs-motorsports.com

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Drag Racing Crashes in the 2009 Season in Puerto Rico and USA Tracks
Here's a clip of some of the wild rides crashes of Drag Racing Cars from the Tracks in Puerto Rico and some from USA. For More Videos enter at www.grs-motorsports.com

Nyce1s.com - RX-7 Loses Wheel and Eclipse Close Call Crash
Checkout these 2 crazy turn of events during a drag race at Englishtown's Raceway park. Checkout http://www.teamgimpt.com for the clothing that represents the import drag race lifestyle. Checkout http://www.nyce1s.com/forum for more videos!!!

Nyce1s Crash - El Nachi Crash @ Pan American Nationals 2011!!!
Here is a look back at El Nachi's Car crash during the 2011 Atco Pan American Nationals event at Atco Raceway!! Checkout http://www.nyce1s.com/forum for more videos!!!

Crashes of imports cars (Puerto Rico)
Crashes of Puerto Rico drag racing cars thanks to grs-motorsports.com