SLR McLaren vs S65 AMG

Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! / Instagram @speedracer38 Last month while I was traveling across the country on the Gold Rush rally I had a few opportunities to film some very exclusive cars on the road. In this video I shot a Mercedes SLR McLaren fully tuned by Renntech racing a Mercedes S65 also fully tuned by Renntech. As you can see the S65 got a small jump but the fact it was able to hang with the McLaren is outrageous! If you have a Mercedes do yourself a favor and send it to Renntech because they are absolutely sick machines with incredible performance. Enjoy! :)

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Maybach burnout at the drag strip
Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! / Instagram @speedracer38 Last week while on the Gold Rush Rally we stopped at the drag strip at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Cars were running on the strip all morning but my favorite race was between these two. A fully tuned Renntech Maybach and a tuned Mansory Panamera turbo with 650HP! Seeing a Maybach do a burnout has to be one of the coolest things for a car enthusiast to witness. Enjoy! :)

Pagani Zonda F revving and acceleration
Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! / Instagram @speedracer38 So far my trip to California for Pebble Beach car week has been incredible! Today I got to see a Pagani Zonda F which is personally owned by Horacio Pagani driving down the Pacific Coast Highway along with a Pagani Huayra and a few other exotic cars.

Multiple Lamborghini Aventador "thrust mode" launches
Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! / Instagram @speedracer38 Earlier this month I was invited to Long Island by my friend Derek Walker who arranged a photo shoot with multiple Lamborghini Aventador owners. We met in the morning at Lamborghini Long Island who were kind enough to host a small breakfast before we went to multiple locations in the area to take pictures and video. It was a long day but everyone had a great time and the "cherry on top" was a few owners who did the "thrust mode" launch control. Turn your speakers up and listen to those V12s roar!

Gold Rolls Royce causes a car to crash
Follow me on Facebook and Instagram! / Instagram @speedracer38 Beverly Hills is pretty ridiculous this summer with all the cars shipped here from the Middle East. I love seeing all the incredible cars and I decided to shoot video the first time I saw this gold Rolls Royce Drophead Coupe. The Rolls Royce had absolutely zero involvement with the crash to be clear. Going the other direction I'm not exactly sure what happened but it seems 2 drivers became distracted looking at the RR and crashed. Seems like a bad day for the guy in the Subaru. This is the first time I caught an accident like this on video but have seen cars crash into one another looking at a Bugatti Veyron on the side of the road before.