Crazy Audi A3 in Sofia, Bulgaria

That Audi was captured in some kind of illegal street racing in the capital of Bulgaria... The Audi fans may enjoy it!

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Audi S3 2.0 GTX35 0-280km
Audi S3 2.0 GTX35 0-280km monster

Audi S3 MONSTER PERFORMANCE 9.696" at 400m in Sliven
This run took place in Sliven, Bulgaria on 12th of October 2014. Pictures of that race here: Support this Youtube channel by SUBSCRIBING! Click: ▶ Watch a 1000+ videos here: ▶ Like our facebook page: ▶ Official website: ▶ RWYB in Greece: ▶ http://www.TETRAKOSARI.GR/ ▶ Camera: Radostin Velchev Check his channel here: ▶

Ground Zero Bulgaria Audi a3 Limited SPL
самите вие гледайте...!!!

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