BMW Motorrad, Europe's largest motorcycle manufacturer, unveiled the new BMW K Series at the INTERMOT 2008 in Cologne, Germany, on October 7. The three new models, BMW K 1300 R, BMW K 1300 S and BMW K 1300 GT are upgraded successor to their previous models. The BMW K 1300 S has an engine output of 129 kW (175 hp) combined with overall weight of 254 kg (560 lb) including fuel while the BMW K 1300 R develops maximum output of 127 kW (173 hp) and weighs 243 kg (536 lb) with a full tank The motorcycles in this video are the S, R and the GT in that order. Thanks for reading this post. If you liked this video, check out our channel on the right for others. For other motoring news, point a new tab to Your Friendly Neighborhood Editor, Manny Ortiz European Motor News Online

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2012 BMW F800ST at 2012 Montreal Motorcycle Show - Salon de la Moto de Montreal
2012 BMW F800ST at 2012 Montreal Motorcycle Show - Salon de la Moto de Montreal Welcome to AutoMotoTube!!! On this channel you will find videos of cars, motorcycles, motorboats, yachts, motor homes and everything that moves on wheels or in the water. In most of my short videos (2-5min), I take a look at the exterior design and interior arrangements of the vehicle, so you can receive general idea and appreciation of certain brand or model. My coverage is from Auto, Moto, Boat shows and dealerships from New York, Toronto and Montreal City areas and I have more than 850 High Definition videos, organized in playlist. To find a video of a certain model in my channel, just write the brand and model name in the search bar above, or have a look in my playlist. I am trying to constantly improve the quality of my videos, so you can enjoy in a better way all these beautiful pieces of machinery! You can find me on my official facebook and twitter pages: or if you have chance, check out my web site: - there I have all my videos organized and all the vehicles easy to find. Thanks for watching and stay tuned!!! A lot more to come...

New BMW 1600 GT Motorcycle
The new BMW K 1600 GT and BMW K 1600 GTL will be presented for the first time at motorcycle exhibition INTERMOT in Cologne, Germany (October 6-10). With the new K 1600 GT and K 1600 GTL, BMW motorcycles are now available for the first time with a 6-cylinder in-line power unit developed in-house. has the full story.

Western States Motorcycle Adventure
2,500 miles off-road on a BMW R1200 GSAdventure from Southern Colorado to Southwestern Oregon. A month of intense riding, camping, fireside cooking, never-ending dramatic scenery, mountains, deserts, forest, truly raw and awesome adventure. Music by: Broken Bells, Led Zeppelin, Highwaymen, Deep Purple, Kenny Loggins, R. L. Burnside, Strangefolk, & Eddie Vedder

БМВ Разрывает Хонду Неравный бой мотоцикла и авто
Покрытие для стекол "АнтиДождь" БМВ 740 (1000 лошадей) против супербайка Honda CBR 600 RR. Смотрите как байк выжимает все, но справиться с БМВ не может. БМВ сначала играется, а потом разрывает Хонду в пух и прах!!!