Supercars Sound in Monaco - One77, Enzo, Veyron..

Here is the second part of Supercars sound in Monaco with only videos and nice cars! Don't forget to see the video of the first part and the part 3 and the video of 2012 !! Facebook page :

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Aston Martin One-77 Start-up & accelerations in Monaco
Here is a compilation of different videos I have made of this one-77 in Monaco. My facebook page :

Red Carbon Bugatti Chiron SOUND in Monaco!
BEAUTIFUL red carbon body Bugatti Chiron driving in Monaco, you can hear the sound of the start-up, revs and accelerations! It was the day of the delivery! Tell me if you like it in comment! My facebook page : Follow me on instagram too : @Fipeux

Aston Martin One-77 engine, acceleration sound & other Aston

NO SCRATCHING ! Bugatti Veyron 669 Start up & Showroom in Monaco
Beautiful Bugatti Veyron "669" on the road in Monaco, starting up and entering the RM AutoSport showroom ! It was very very low, but the driver didn't scratched the Veyron ! My Facebook page : With the collaboration of Follow me on instagram too : @Fipeux Sorry I forgot to put the part of the start up in the video !!