Mikie Sopczak Mustang Stock Suspension 10.5, Test#1, 5-27-07

FB 4200, Launch 5000 w 15psi, ramp in to 25max, 345"w/91mm

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Mikie Sopczak Twin Turbo Big Block Ford Initial Start Up

Mikie Sopczak Stock Suspension 10.5 Mustang Test#2, 7-25-08
FB @ 4200, Launch on 10psi @ 5000, ramp in 20psi max

2000+ HP Twin Turbo Drag Radial Mustangs at SGMP
Here is a little Video that BDProduction put together from the testing @ SGMP Thanks to Wade and the Crew.. Team CoRupT (Big K and Jimmy/Mic) and Wayne Kegan of Competitive Wiring Team Biggs (Mike Rozman/Kyle McShea) and Joey Gambino of Precision Racecars Team Johnny Kolivas (Jeff Reid of TCI) and Wade of Southern Speed We all would like to thank our Sponsors, Families, Fans, and Friends.

June 2010 Heads Up Madness - Stock Suspension
June 2010 Heads Up Madness - Stock Suspension - Autoway Chevrolet Heads Up Madness coverage sponsored by Pro-Fab Performance Kenny Markwich wins back to back races over Troy Pirez