Twin Turbo 1968 Camaro "MotiV8r" Video V8TV - Larry Callahan runs the website, and his own twin turbocharged 1968 Camaro is a textbook example of the kinds of cars the website is built around. The "MotiV8r" Camaro features every pro-touring trick in the book, and was built by Prodigy Customs to run as good as it looks. Video from the 2009 Optima Ultimate Street Car Invitational DVD.

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The Cherry Bomb '68 Camaro
Check out Cherry Bomb's '68 Camaro. This sucker has 800 hp from is LSX 427 engine. And in true Cherry Bomb style, it disturbs the peace everywhere it goes.

All Speed Performance DC/KALIS twin turbo Camaro Josh Kalis
All Speed built DC/Kalis Camaro twin turbo custom LS. Low Boost 8 psi. Nitto NT05's IForged wheels Speedtech subframe and front suspension. mostly second gear hits. Marquez design door panels, Dash. Rear tail lights, lower front valence. Custom ASP Fender flares and rear diffuser, ASP center exit Exhaust, lower chin spoiler, Custom ASP hood vents... all body mods are fabricated from steal. Custom ASP twin turbo package using Bullseye 66mill with custom Exhaust housing. 408 ltr block. Paint done by ASP in house... no vinyl.... thats paint. 6 speed Tranzilla, twin disc clutch.. 754 rwhp on low Boost

1968 Pro Touring Chevy Camaro
1968 Chevy Camaro Resto/ProTouring Vintage Air Fuel Gauge New Brake Pedal Fuel Pump 502 Crate w/ Carb Billet taillights & LEDs Power Windows/Keyless entry Mini Tubs with 12 wide custom wheels Alarm system Electric Hideaway lights Louder Exhaust

MotiV8r Oct 29 2008 Clip 2's MotiV8r built by Prodigy Customs