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This is the shot that got me fired. UPDATE: Maybe you would like the whole story? I was doing camera for the weekend news. That meant that I would go out and shoot about :30 of footage each of all the things that happened around town. This would be used for the Anchor to voice over, run some scores and graphics over it and so on. This meant that I would have about 15 minutes at any event to shoot and be gone. This day, I showed up and was shooting a few VWs racing. I told the promoter that I could not stay for the big racers, I had time limits. I had measured out the distance that the VWs were throwing mud and doubled it for shots taken from behind. What I didn't know was that the promoter had gone off looking for someone to run out of turn. Note there was no "other" racer in the shot. When I saw this rig, I doubled the distance again. It didn't help... It did screw up the lens, and the recording deck. And left me under four feet of dirt. But the most embarassing thing happened the next week. I was at the drags, shooting at the tree. One of the dragsters belched fire that almost lit up my leg. I jumped. The announcer happened to be the same guy as in this video. He pointed out that I almost got burned. Then he retold this whole story to the new crowd.

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Thank God Kelly was Okay and was getting the rail ready for the next day . I'm so sorry to the rest of Class 5 i was so worried about Kelly that i went to find out if he was Okay or what.. we went back to get more videos but as a friend of mine just went in the Ambulance i could not think of anything but Kelly and the Team so we took off .. again will have more check out our website at

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Füchtorf 2012 - Onboard camera - Maiden run of the new Roude-Léiw junior More infos on:

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