Painting a HPI Land Rover Defender Lexan shell for our Axial SCX10 1280 x 720 HD

Link : I wanted to do a tutorial on painting a lexan body, so why not paint a new one up for our Axial SCX10. We are now stocking a good selection of 1/10 scale bodies for the SCX10.

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Best how to paint a lexan rc body
There are many how to videos showing lexan body painting, but many of them only show part of the project, or they talk and talk and show nothing. This video is an attempt to show the whole process, from trimming the lexan, to body mount and alignment first, then cleaning and masking and then layer painting to final coat. Hope this video you will agree is one of the best! No spoken words, only actions and subtitles. If you don't like the music you can mute the sound! Thanks for watching!

how to paint lexan bodyshell tutorial rc car traxxas emaxx proline hummer h2
tbcrc show you how we prepare and paint a lexan bodyshell for a long lasting paintjob ,this is a full step by step guide using pactra paints on a hummer h2 shell by proline for use on an e-maxx ,it also fits the traxxas slash if your interested :) all parts were supplied by ps dont forget to take the body protection off before stickering ;) hope this helps someone :)

How to Paint an RC Body
See the whole article at Matt Higgins of RC Truck Stop shows how to properly paint an RC Lexan body. The shown is a Pro-Line Ford F-150 SVT Raptor Flo-Tek short course truck body. Learn all of the steps and secrets for getting professional results. Don't make costly mistakes; watch this video and read the full article at RC Truck Stop.

RC scale axial scx10 dingo body mods