Painting a HPI Land Rover Defender Lexan shell for our Axial SCX10 1280 x 720 HD

Link : I wanted to do a tutorial on painting a lexan body, so why not paint a new one up for our Axial SCX10. We are now stocking a good selection of 1/10 scale bodies for the SCX10.

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how to paint lexan bodyshell tutorial rc car traxxas emaxx proline hummer h2
tbcrc show you how we prepare and paint a lexan bodyshell for a long lasting paintjob ,this is a full step by step guide using pactra paints on a hummer h2 shell by proline for use on an e-maxx ,it also fits the traxxas slash if your interested :) all parts were supplied by ps dont forget to take the body protection off before stickering ;) hope this helps someone :)

Axial SCX10 Honcho PART 11 Painting Lexan Body Flat Bed Light buckets with Rattle Cans Build.mpg
PART 11 of the build now. In this video I show the painting of the lexan body using rattle cans. Playlist for this build Cutting out lexan body Washing and applying masks Painting lexan body It is important to remember the following points: always use paint designed for lexan; make sure the cans have been well shaken; warm cans before use; leave 15 Min between coats and apply 3-6 light coats; back with silver or white for a professional finish. Some people like to spray outside, if temperatures are cold however I would recommend spraying inside, but remember the place MUST be well ventilated. I use a card box setup under my kitchen hood extract and the addition of a domestic vacuum to draw away the smell and air born particles. When spraying remember not to get carried away -- you are better to do half a dozen fine coats then two heavy ones. Heavy coats run the risk of the paint seeping under the masking and also blistering or running. After each coat keep the body in a dust free warm location for 15 mins before applying the next coat. To spray first make sure the can in spraying correctly, apply the paint by passing the can over the area quickly while pressing the nozzle. Stop pressing at each end and do a few passes. Finally in this video we remove the window masks, this is done working from a corner and pulling flat against the body as with the other masking. If there is some glue residue left this can be rubbed away with a clean cloth. Removing the overspray film is simple and reveals a high gloss finish to the body, if there is some overspray on the edges this is easily removed. Allow a minimum or overnight to completely dry, a few days is best and do this indoors where the temperature is warmer and more constant.

RC scale axial scx10 dingo body mods

Axial SCX10 Defender 90 Scaler
Axial SCX10 kit with Rc4wd Defender 90 body. almost are parts are custom made. Shes really top heavy, but with all wheels weighted, springs adjusted stiffer and Losi 100 weight shock oil dramatically helped prevent rollovers.