1996 Crown Victoria HPP w/ Magnaflows

Just me revving my engine a little bit. The car is basically stock besides the mufflers and the stock slash cuts from a 96 Mustang GT. The idle is quiet with just the tiniest burbling to it, but it really gets nice sounding up high. When cruising at a steady speed, I never hear the Exhaust. unless I get on it, then it gets some attention.

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1996 Grand Marquis pt 2 after flowmasters
my 1996 grand marquis with dual pipe flowmasters

1996 Crown Victoria exhaust
Our prototype 2.5" SS Exhaust kit, featuring an X-pipe, tips not included. www.mandrelbend.com

Mustang 5 speed / Crown Vic Donuts on 24s pt. 2
Hotwheels Crown Vic Donuts

'96 Crown Victoria with dual 27' Thrush glasspacks
My '96 P71 with Walker high efficiency cats, dual Thrush 27 inch glasspacks and otherwise stock Exhaust with stock tail pipes. The car sounds totally awesome....not too loud, but loud enough to get some attention, there is some drone, but nothing really annoying.