135i jb4 only vs Roushe mustang na

Filter and Jb4 only for 135i Most bolt ons for Roushe , I/Lth/e/tune/manifold, 4.10 fd Camera in 135 no pass In stang. Stang is a 13.0 car or so. First gear pull In Mexico

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Porsche 911 Turbo 996 kkk remap vs BMW 135i JB4 map2
911 turbo, 996 kkk k24 (turbo S), remap, Exhaust 135 N54 step, Exhaust, DCI, JB4 map2

Camaro vs BMW 135i
98 Camaro with LM7 5.3 patriot stage 2 heads, 224/224 cam and small 75 shot 135i running JB4 modded on 17psi. Camaro had clutch slippage/slave cylinder issues before, seemed to hold on ok these pulls. bmw on run flats, Camaro 245 nittos 555r no traction problem I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

BMW 135i Runs 11.259 QTR Mile On Stock Turbos. (In Car View)
Burger Motor Sports 135i Record breaking run for stock turbo/non Nitrous N54 Powered BMW 1/4 mile 11.259 at 122.86 (high trap that day 11.389 at 125.24mph) 0-60: 3.0 sec This run is against a 2012 GTR Black Edition.11,063 ET 60FT: GTR 1.680, 135i:1.697 1/8 mile: GTR 99.87mph, 135i: 97.52mph 1/4 mile : GTR 121.58mph, 135i: 122.86

135i Cabrio Stock vs JB4 vs JB4 with FMIC