135i jb4 only vs Roushe mustang na

Filter and Jb4 only for 135i Most bolt ons for Roushe , I/Lth/e/tune/manifold, 4.10 fd Camera in 135 no pass In stang. Stang is a 13.0 car or so. First gear pull In Mexico

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135i Cabrio Stock vs JB4 vs JB4 with FMIC

BMW 135i vs CRX 1.6 Vtec 80-230
BMW Stock, Fahrer + Beifahrer CRX 1.6 Saugmotor

BMW 135i (stock) vs Lancer Evo IV (RHD) on the Autobahn
2012 BMW 135i = 100% Stock Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV ~260whp 2nd gear roll, 45 punch on the Autobahn just north of Nuremberg. BMW hits 130, Evo about 110

jb4 n55 135i