srt 4 vs vette

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Team nemesis srt4 vs mustang gt
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Booger srt-4 vs evo 9 race 2
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[RFasanaroTV]- HellaFlush SRT4
Hey there YouTube. I accidentally deleted the original youtube video of this car with over 305,000 views by :(. Sorry quality may suffer A lot of people have been asking about it though and well here it is. I found this file on my computer that was going to be done for a stancnation feature, Hope you enjoy and sorry for the wait Shot and Edited By Rich Fasanaro Song Credit: Kanye West Home Instrumental Shot on CANON XH-A1 Edited with Final Cut Pro7 Marcos Rodriguez Valentin's 2004 SRT4

SRT-4 vs Supercharged Corvette
big turbo neon (me) vs supercharged vette. lingenfel something edition. it was my first run of the day with a E.T of 12.9 @ 110 and he ran a 13.1 at 115. he won by reaction as u can see, i was too focused on my 2step launch. pretty good run for the neon.